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Synthetic clothing materials have created lighter weight, waterproof, breathable, scent proof, and silent fabrics that are all the rage. These aren’t cheap, but neither is wool anymore. Wool is the gold standard by which hunting clothes are measured, and no synthetic can rival the warmth and silence of wool, nor do they insulate as well when wet. However, wool is typically heavy, so outer garments are not well suited to the mobile western hunter. Light pants, sweaters or shirts used as an intermediate layer are the best uses for wool, as modern synthetic undergarments and lightweight waterproof outer layers can be used over wool clothing.

Another modern convenience is the hydration bladder. It hasn’t revolutionized hunting, but it is much more convenient than having to dig through a pack for a water bottle. If you are in the market for a new pack, you’d be wise to focus on those with hydration bladders. Titanium cookware, smaller stoves, and lighter tents have also increased the mobility of the back pack hunter.

via Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Lesson 4

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