Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunting

You have decided you are going on an elk hunt in Colorado this year. You have your big game brochure, and you lean back in your easy chair and begin to visualize your hunt. I know that when I get that brochure and open it up for the first time, I am almost giddy with anticipation. My mind starts racing, and I run through all the possibilities of what this season could bring. While I can’t remember every harvest I’ve ever made, I can tell you that many of my fondest memories have been made at hunting camp. Some of them have been the stories spun around a campfire. Other stories were about how the elk weren’t acting the way we wanted them to but boy, did we get into the trout that year! One of the best meals I have ever had in camp was the year we weren’t seeing elk so we decided to go shoot some rabbits for stew.
It’s the little things that can make or break a hunt. Many hunters become “driven” by the need to harvest an elk, making the hunt more about the harvest than the opportunity to enjoy the experience. In the end it’s really just about the experience of getting there. I urge everyone to think outside of the box as you plan your hunt.

This “think outside the box” concept is all about looking to maximize the time you’ll spend in the woods and enjoy it to the fullest potential. I have a couple of examples which highlight opportunities to help you plan an enjoyable experience.

via Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Lesson 3

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